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King Tiger Taekwondo

 What sets Taekwondo apart from other martial arts is its emphasis on foot and fist skills.

“Tae” means “foot,” “Kwon” means “fist” and “Do” means “the way” or “discipline.”

It’s clear that the intention of Taekwondo is to show and practice discipline by using your hands and feet.

  Taekwondo focuses on the connection of the mind and body more so than other martial art practices.   Taekwondo stress the importance of unity between the body, mind, and life. It teaches students how to protect themselves in dangerous situations and how to empower themselves throughout their lives.  

After School Program & Summer Camp

Our after school program is designed to enrich your child's life with all of the core benefits martial arts can provide while in a positive atmosphere of caring and supportive teachers and role models.

- Pick Up
- Taekwondo class
- Homework Time
- Early Release Day & Teacher Workday Care
- All benefits of Martial Arts can provide.

 Pick Up Service provide from following schools: Eastern, JC Tayloe, John Small and PS Jones, Chocowinity Primary and Middle, Washington Montessori  

 Educational and fun Taekwondo Summer Camp for your loved one.

  • Hours: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Activities: Taekwondo, Korean, Paper Crafting, Science Experiments, American History, Swimming, Field trips and FUN FUN FUN!

Adult Program

 The benefits to older students who begin martial arts after a lifetime of boring gym workouts and yo-yo dieting are plenty.
If they are parents of martial artists themselves, they begin with an automatic advantage. For example, knowing what is expected from students, what the curriculum is, and familiarity with the protocols of a particular class or style can ease the learning curve.
For adults who have no previous martial arts experience or connection, the comfort of a classroom where other adults thrive in martial arts training can be encouraging.
For Seniors, particularly, martial arts training can be life saving:

  • Enhanced ability to focus
  • Adults are naturally goal-oriented
  • Motivation to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Desire to learn self-defense
  • Families that kick together, stick together 

Childrens Program

 Tae Kwon Do trains the body, but does just as much to develop the mind as well.
The objective of learning Tae Kwon Do is to foster growth in both areas in order to become a more mature human being.
Our students receive repeated etiquette lessons along with the attack and defense skills to build and strengthen their character. 

Parental Involvement / Family Program

 According to the athletics experts at the Educated Sports Parent website, moms and dads can impact a child's experience playing (or learning about) a sport by getting involved.
What better way to show your little one just how involved you are in his martial arts class than joining in? Doing so gives you time to bond with your child, plus it shows him that you are interested in his hobby and allows you to spend time together.
Additionally, joining in on the learning gives you the opportunity to take the training home, practicing together during non-class times. This can provide your child with an extra layer of encouragement and a feeling that you are part of her learning experience. 

Our program recognized

We won "Top 10 Martial Arts School in USA" by Martial Arts World Magazine and AMS. 2004 -2010 and 2012-2014. 

Grandmaster Byung (Seok) Lee

  • Over 40 Years Experienced
  • Achieved Doctoral Degree in Christian Social Works.
  • International Referee 
  • World Taekwondo Federation technical committee
  • American Masters Association Vice President
  • King Tiger Taekwondo, USA President  
  • Former Adjunct Professor at ECU, Chowan University, Midwest University